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How to Combine Desk and Wall Art to Create a Stylish Guest Room

A stylish guest room featuring a combination of desk and wall art
Discover the secrets to creating a stylish and inviting guest room by combining desk and wall art.

Are you planning to welcome guests into your home and want to create a stunning guest room that will impress them? One way to achieve a stylish guest room is to combine your desk and wall art strategically. Not sure where to start? Keep reading below for some practical tips and ideas.

Choosing a Theme for Your Guest Room

One of the first things to consider when combining desk and wall art is the overall theme of your guest room. Do you want the guest room to reflect a particular style or aesthetic? For example, you can opt for a minimalist theme, a vintage theme, or a modern theme. Choose a theme that resonates with you and that you can incorporate into your choice of desk and wall art.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a theme for your guest room is the purpose of the room. Will it primarily be used as a workspace or a relaxation space? If it’s a workspace, you may want to choose a theme that promotes productivity and focus, such as a minimalist or industrial theme. On the other hand, if it’s a relaxation space, you may want to opt for a cozy and inviting theme, such as a rustic or bohemian theme. Keep the purpose of the room in mind when selecting a theme to ensure that it meets your needs and enhances the overall functionality of the space.

Selecting Wall Art to Complement Your Desk

When it comes to combining your desk and wall art, it’s essential to ensure that the wall art complements the desk. You can do this by selecting pieces that share similar colors, patterns, or themes. For example, if your desk features an art deco design, consider adding art deco-inspired wall art pieces as well.

Another important factor to consider when selecting wall art to complement your desk is the size and placement of the art. If your desk is small, you don’t want to overwhelm the space with a large piece of art. Instead, opt for smaller pieces or a gallery wall of smaller art pieces. Additionally, consider the placement of the art in relation to your desk. You want to make sure that the art is not obstructing your view or causing any distractions while you work.

The Importance of Proper Lighting in Your Guest Room

Lighting plays a significant role in bringing out the beauty of desk and wall art in your guest room. It’s essential to select lighting fixtures carefully to highlight the art pieces and keep the room bright and cozy. Consider a combination of natural light, floor lamps, and overhead lighting to create a warm and inviting ambiance in your guest room.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your guest room, proper lighting can also affect the mood and comfort of your guests. Bright, harsh lighting can be uncomfortable and make it difficult for your guests to relax and unwind. On the other hand, dim lighting can create a cozy and calming atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep. It’s important to strike a balance between functionality and comfort when selecting lighting fixtures for your guest room.

Tips for Arranging Desk and Wall Art for Maximum Impact

To make your guest room stand out, you need to arrange your desk and wall art appropriately. Try different layouts and arrangements until you find what works best for your guest room. For instance, group similar pieces together, use symmetrical arrangements, or consider a gallery wall to create visual interest.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Guest Room Decor

Personal touches are a great way to create a welcoming guest room that your visitors will remember. Consider adding items like family photos, souvenirs, or handmade crafts to your desk or gallery wall display. These personal touches can help showcase your unique personality and create a warm and inviting feel in the room.

Another way to add a personal touch to your guest room decor is by incorporating scents. Choose a scent that you love and that reminds you of home, such as lavender or vanilla, and add it to the room with candles, diffusers, or room sprays. This will not only create a cozy atmosphere but also leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Guest Room with Art

You don’t have to break the bank to create a stylish guest room with art pieces. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to update your guest room with art, such as DIY projects, affordable prints and posters, thrift store finds, and more. Explore these budget-friendly options to find unique and stylish pieces that match your guest room theme.

One great way to add a personal touch to your guest room is to create your own art pieces. You can use materials you already have at home, such as old magazines, fabric scraps, or even paint samples, to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Another option is to commission a local artist to create a custom piece for your guest room. This not only supports local artists, but also adds a special touch to your guest room that your visitors will appreciate.

Using Color to Tie Together Your Desk and Wall Art

Another way to combine your desk and wall art is by using color to tie the pieces together. If your desk has a particular color palette, consider choosing wall art that complements it. You can also experiment with contrast, texture, and patterns to create a bold and eye-catching effect.

For example, if your desk is a warm wood tone, you could choose wall art with warm, earthy colors like rust, olive green, or mustard yellow. Alternatively, if your desk is a sleek, modern white, you could choose wall art with bright, bold colors like hot pink, electric blue, or lime green. By using color to tie together your desk and wall art, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing workspace.

Incorporating Functional Decor into Your Guest Room Design

Desk and wall art doesn’t have to be purely for aesthetics. Consider incorporating functional decor into your guest room design, such as a clock, a mirror, a bulletin board or a chalkboard. These pieces serve a practical purpose while also adding style and personality to the room.

Another way to incorporate functional decor into your guest room design is by adding storage solutions that double as decor. For example, a set of decorative baskets can be used to store extra blankets or towels, while also adding texture and visual interest to the room. A stylish luggage rack can serve as both a functional piece for guests to store their suitcases, as well as a decorative element that adds to the overall design of the room.

Creating a Cozy and Inviting Atmosphere in Your Guest Room

Ultimately, the key to combining desk and wall art to create a stylish guest room is to focus on creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Incorporate soft furnishings like blankets and pillows, add a vase of fresh flowers, and stock up on essential toiletries to help your guests feel at home.

Another way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your guest room is to pay attention to lighting. Make sure there is enough light for your guests to read or work comfortably, but also include softer lighting options like bedside lamps or string lights to create a warm and relaxing ambiance. Additionally, consider adding personal touches like family photos or a small collection of books to make the space feel more welcoming and personalized.


In conclusion, combining your desk and wall art is an excellent way to create a stylish and welcoming guest room. Follow the above tips, and you’ll be on your way to designing an inviting space that your guests will love and remember. Remember to have fun with the process and let your creativity shine!

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