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How to Combine an Ottoman with Decorative Objects in Your Living Room

A living room with an ottoman and various decorative objects around it
Learn how to elevate the style of your living room by combining an ottoman with decorative objects.

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your living room, there’s no better way than by using an ottoman combined with decorative objects. Not only do they add a pop of color and texture to your space, but they’re also functional items that can be used for seating, storage, or as a footrest. However, combining an ottoman with decorative objects requires a lot of thought and creativity. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about using ottomans and decorative objects to transform your living room into a stylish space.

Understanding the Role of Ottomans in Living Room Decor

Before we dive into how to combine ottomans with decorative objects, it’s important to understand their role in living room decor. Ottomans serve as versatile pieces of furniture that add an extra sense of comfort and relaxation to your living space. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any room’s style and theme. Whether you opt for a small, round ottoman, a square-shaped one, or a long, rectangular one, an ottoman can add the perfect touch of comfort and style to your home.

In addition to their comfort and style, ottomans can also serve practical purposes in a living room. They can be used as extra seating for guests, as a footrest while watching TV, or even as a makeshift coffee table with the addition of a tray. Ottomans with built-in storage can also provide a convenient place to store blankets, magazines, or other items that you want to keep within reach but out of sight. With their versatility and functionality, ottomans are a must-have for any well-designed living room.

Choosing the Right Ottoman for Your Space

One of the first steps in combining an ottoman with decorative objects is selecting the right one for your space. When choosing an ottoman, consider the size of your living room, the style of your furniture, and the type of fabric you want to use. If you have a small living room, going for a round or a square-shaped ottoman will be perfect. However, if you have a large living room, you may want to opt for a rectangular-shaped ottoman as it can serve as a statement piece.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ottoman is its functionality. If you plan to use it as a footrest, make sure it is the right height and size for your comfort. If you want to use it as extra seating, consider getting an ottoman with a sturdy base and enough padding. Additionally, if you need extra storage space, look for an ottoman with a hidden compartment or one that doubles as a storage unit. By considering both style and functionality, you can choose the perfect ottoman for your space.

Picking Decorative Objects that Complement Your Ottoman

Another important aspect of combining ottomans with decorative objects is choosing the right objects that complement your ottoman. You can choose decorative objects that match the colors of your ottoman or go for contrast. For instance, if your ottoman is in a neutral or solid color, go for decorative objects in vibrant colors that can make your living room pop. You can also select objects that have similar patterns and/or textures to your ottoman for a cohesive and polished look.

Additionally, consider the size and shape of the decorative objects you choose. If your ottoman is round, consider adding a vase or bowl with a similar shape to create a harmonious look. If your ottoman is rectangular, try adding a stack of books or a tray with angular edges to complement the shape. Remember to also consider the overall style of your living room and choose decorative objects that fit in with the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Creating a Cohesive Color Scheme with Your Decorative Objects and Ottoman

A key element to successfully combining an ottoman with decorative objects is creating a cohesive color scheme. As you select your decorative objects, ensure they all match in color and theme, or complement each other in a contrasting way. For example, if you’re using an ottoman in a light blue hue, adding decorative objects in shades of white, beige, and gray can create a calm and serene atmosphere. Similarly, pairing a bold and colorful ottoman with decorative objects in complementary colors can create a cohesive and lively living room environment that’s full of energy.

Another important factor to consider when selecting decorative objects to pair with your ottoman is the size and scale of the objects. If your ottoman is large and takes up a lot of visual space, it’s best to choose larger decorative objects to balance it out. On the other hand, if your ottoman is small and understated, smaller decorative objects can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space. By considering both color and size when selecting your decorative objects, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing living room design.

Using Textures and Patterns to Add Visual Interest to Your Living Room Design

Textures and patterns can help you create an interesting and unique living room design. The right combination of patterns and textures can add depth and dimension, making your living space feel more dynamic. Stripes, monochrome graphic prints, or even subtle geometric designs can give a modern feel to your space. Alternatively, soft, plush textures can give your living room a cozy, comfy vibe.

Arranging Your Decorative Objects to Enhance the Look of Your Ottoman

Arranging your decorative objects in an orderly fashion can be helpful in enhancing the look of your ottoman. You can try different arrangements of your decorative objects until you find one that works best for your living room. Placing your decorative objects symmetrically can create a balanced look, while arranging decorative objects asymmetrically can create a more dynamic and energetic vibe. You can also add a vase of flowers on your ottoman or some picture frames, to create a personalized touch to your living room design.

Tips for Maintaining a Stylish and Organized Living Room with an Ottoman and Decorative Objects

Maintaining a stylish and organized living room with an ottoman and decorative objects can be a bit tricky, but it is possible! A few tips to help keep your living room looking great include dusting and polishing decorative objects regularly, keeping clutter at bay, and using decorative storage baskets or boxes to hide away less attractive but necessary items. You can also experiment with different organizational tools, such as organizing trays or serving trays.

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Decorating with Ottomans and Decorative Objects

You don’t need a lot of money to decorate your living room with ottomans and decorative objects. Some budget-friendly ideas include repurposing items you already have, shopping at second-hand stores, or even upcycling furniture. You can also create your own artwork or decorative objects to add to your living room decor. By using your creativity and imagination, you can decorate your living room while staying on a budget.

Unique Ways to Incorporate Ottomans and Decorative Objects into Small Living Spaces

Even if you live in a small space, you can still incorporate ottomans and decorative objects into your living room decor. You can use small ottomans as a coffee table or as extra seating, use wall shelves to display decorative objects, or use a floor lamp to create a cozy ambiance in your living room. The key is to be creative and think outside the box when decorating your living space.


Combining an ottoman with decorative objects is an excellent way to add some style and elegance to your living room. Remember to select an ottoman that fits your space and furniture’s style, pick decorative objects that complement your ottoman, and create a cohesive color scheme. Using textures, patterns and arranging your decorative objects can also go a long way in creating a beautiful living room décor. By following these tips and using your creativity, you can transform your living room into a stylish and comfortable space that you can be proud of.

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