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How to Combine an Ottoman with Decorative Objects in Your Bedroom

A bedroom with an ottoman and various decorative objects around it
Discover how to elevate your bedroom decor with the perfect combination of an ottoman and decorative objects.

Looking to add some style and functionality to your bedroom decor? Consider using an ottoman as a decorative piece! Ottomans are versatile, elegant, and practical additions to any bedroom. They serve as a comfortable seating space, a footrest, a storage solution, a decorative object, and a room divider, among other things. When combined with decorative objects, they can transform an ordinary bedroom into a stunning and inviting space.

Choosing the Right Ottoman for Your Bedroom

Before you start decorating with ottomans, it’s important to choose the right one for your bedroom. Consider the size, shape, color, material, and style of the ottoman. Is it too big or small for your room? Does it coordinate with the existing furniture and decor? Is it comfortable and functional? Once you’ve chosen the perfect ottoman, you can start dressing it up with decorative objects.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ottoman for your bedroom is its storage capacity. Ottomans with built-in storage can be a great addition to a bedroom, providing a place to store extra blankets, pillows, or even clothing. This can be especially useful in smaller bedrooms where storage space is limited. Additionally, consider the durability of the ottoman and whether it will hold up over time with regular use. By taking these factors into account, you can choose an ottoman that not only looks great in your bedroom but also serves a practical purpose.

Creative Ways to Use an Ottoman as a Decorative Piece

There are countless ways to use an ottoman as a decorative piece in your bedroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Place a decorative tray on top of the ottoman and display some candles, a vase, or a collection of books
  • Add a throw pillow or a blanket to the ottoman to make it cozy and inviting
  • Use the ottoman as a bench at the foot of your bed, and pair it with some decorative pillows
  • Use multiple small ottomans to create a unique seating area or a dynamic display
  • Arrange some decorative objects on the ottoman, such as sculptures, figurines, or plants, to add some visual interest

Another creative way to use an ottoman as a decorative piece is to use it as a coffee table. Simply place a tray on top of the ottoman and use it to hold your drinks, snacks, and other items. This is a great option for smaller bedrooms where space is limited, as it allows you to have a functional piece of furniture that also adds to the overall decor of the room.

Tips for Selecting Decorative Objects to Pair with Your Ottoman

When choosing decorative objects to pair with your ottoman, keep in mind the overall style and color scheme of your bedroom. You want the ottoman and the objects to complement each other, not clash. Here are some tips:

  • Choose objects that have a similar color palette, such as blue and green, or gold and pink
  • Combine different textures and materials, such as glass, metal, wood, and fabric, to add depth and variety
  • Consider the scale and proportion of the objects, and avoid overcrowding the ottoman
  • Think about the theme or mood you want to convey, such as romantic, rustic, modern, or minimalist

Another important factor to consider when selecting decorative objects for your ottoman is the function of the ottoman itself. If your ottoman doubles as a storage unit, you may want to choose objects that can also serve as storage containers, such as decorative boxes or baskets. Alternatively, if your ottoman is primarily used for seating, you may want to choose objects that can also be used as footrests, such as small poufs or stools. By selecting objects that serve a dual purpose, you can maximize the functionality and style of your ottoman.

Incorporating Color and Texture to Enhance Your Ottoman Display

Color and texture are powerful tools in interior design, and they can help you create a cohesive and stylish ottoman display in your bedroom. Here are some tips:

  • Use complementary or contrasting colors to create a focal point, such as blue and orange, or black and white
  • Incorporate different textures, such as velvet, leather, linen, or fur, to add depth and dimension
  • Combine solids, stripes, patterns, and prints to create a visually interesting display
  • Play with light and shadow by using objects with reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, glass, or metal

How to Create a Cohesive Look with Multiple Ottomans and Decorative Objects

If you have multiple ottomans or decorative objects in your bedroom, you can create a cohesive and harmonious look by following these guidelines:

  • Stick to a consistent color scheme or theme, such as blue and sea-inspired, or vintage and rustic
  • Use a mix of different sizes, shapes, and textures, but keep them visually balanced
  • Layer different objects on top of each other, such as a vase on a stack of books on an ottoman
  • Group objects in odd numbers, such as three or five, for a more dynamic and interesting display

Creating a Focal Point with Your Ottoman and Decorative Objects

If you want to draw attention to your ottoman and decorative objects, you can create a focal point in your bedroom. Here are some strategies:

  • Place the ottoman in the center of the room, or in a prominent location, such as near the window or the fireplace
  • Use lighting to highlight the ottoman and objects, such as a table lamp, a floor lamp, or some string lights
  • Choose objects that are visually striking or unique, such as a vintage clock, a colorful rug, or a sculptural vase
  • Experiment with different heights and levels, such as placing a tall object next to a low one

Maximizing Storage Space with an Ottoman while Keeping it Stylish

Many ottomans come with built-in storage, which is a practical and stylish feature in a bedroom. Here are some ways to maximize storage space with your ottoman:

  • Choose an ottoman with a lifting top, a sliding drawer, or a removable tray, depending on your needs
  • Store items such as extra blankets, pillows, shoes, or magazines inside the ottoman
  • Use baskets or boxes to organize the items inside the ottoman, and label them for easy access
  • Dress up the top of the ottoman with decorative objects or trays to disguise the storage space

Styling Your Ottoman for Different Seasons and Occasions

Your ottoman and decorative objects can be updated and refreshed for different seasons and occasions. Here are some ideas:

  • Add some seasonal touches, such as a bouquet of flowers, a wreath, or some pumpkins for fall
  • Dress up your ottoman and objects for special holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day
  • Change the color scheme or theme of your display to match the mood or season, such as red and green for Christmas, or pastels for spring
  • Introduce new decorative objects that reflect your interests, hobbies, or travels, such as books, souvenirs, or artwork

Affordable Ways to Update Your Bedroom Decor with an Ottoman and Decorative Objects

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank to update your bedroom decor with an ottoman and decorative objects. Here are some affordable ways to do it:

  • Shop for ottomans and decorative objects at thrift stores, yard sales, or online marketplaces
  • DIY your own ottoman by repurposing an old coffee table, ottoman, or storage trunk, and add some fabric or paint it to match your decor
  • Use natural or found objects, such as rocks, shells, or branches, to create a unique and eco-friendly display
  • Rotate your existing objects and ottomans from other rooms in your home to give your bedroom a fresh new look

With these tips and ideas, you can combine an ottoman with decorative objects in your bedroom, and create a beautiful and functional space that reflects your style and personality. Have fun experimenting with different designs and arrangements, and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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