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How to Arrange an Ottoman in a Narrow Space

An ottoman in a narrow space
Learn how to make the most of a narrow space with our guide on arranging an ottoman.

If you’re living in a small apartment or home, you need to be smart about the pieces of furniture you choose. However, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or function. Enter the Ottoman – a versatile furniture piece that can be used for sitting, storage and decoration. But how do you arrange an ottoman in a narrow space? Let’s explore.

Why Ottomans are Perfect for Small Spaces

At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to add an extra piece of furniture to a small space. However, an ottoman can be a life-changing piece for a cramped living area. Its multi-functional nature makes it the perfect solution for someone who needs to maximize their square footage. You can use it as a footrest, coffee table, or even additional seating- what’s not to love?

Another benefit of ottomans in small spaces is their storage capabilities. Many ottomans come with hidden compartments that can be used to store blankets, pillows, or other items that would otherwise take up valuable space. This not only helps to keep your living area organized, but it also eliminates the need for additional storage furniture.

Measuring Your Space and Ottoman Dimensions

The first step in arranging an ottoman in a narrow space is to measure both your space and the ottoman you want to use. It’s important to take into account the size of the ottoman, as well as its height. You don’t want a piece that’s too large or too high, as it will only make your small space look even smaller.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ottoman for a narrow space is its shape. Round or oval ottomans can be a great choice for small spaces, as they take up less visual space than square or rectangular ones. Additionally, consider the material of the ottoman. A lighter-colored fabric or leather can help to brighten up a small space, while a darker color can make it feel more cozy and intimate.

Choosing the Right Ottoman Style for a Narrow Space

When it comes to choosing the right ottoman for your living space, consider the style that will fit best with the overall aesthetic of the room. There are so many different options to choose from, such as round, rectangular, and storage ottomans. If you’re tight on space, you may want to opt for a smaller round ottoman or one that has storage capabilities.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ottoman for a narrow space is the material it’s made of. Leather ottomans can add a touch of sophistication to a room, but they can also take up more visual space than a fabric or woven ottoman. If you’re looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, a plush fabric ottoman may be the way to go. Additionally, consider the color and pattern of the ottoman. Choosing a neutral color or a subtle pattern can help the ottoman blend in with the rest of the room and make the space feel less cluttered.

Creating a Cozy Nook with an Ottoman in a Small Room

One of the best ways to arrange an ottoman in a narrow space is to create a cozy nook. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it’s important to have a designated area where you can relax and unwind. Use your ottoman as a centerpiece, and add a few throw pillows and a cozy blanket to create the perfect nook.

You can also add a small side table next to the ottoman to hold a book or a cup of tea. This will make your nook even more functional and comfortable. Additionally, consider adding some ambient lighting, such as a table lamp or string lights, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With these simple additions, you can transform a small space into a cozy retreat.

Using an Ottoman as a Multi-Functional Piece in a Small Space

Due to its versatility, an ottoman is the perfect multi-functional piece for a small space. Use it as a footrest while watching TV, a coffee table for holding drinks and snacks, or even as a comfortable seating option when you have guests over. No matter what you choose to use it for, the ottoman is the perfect solution for a tight living space.

In addition to its practical uses, an ottoman can also add style and personality to your living space. Choose a bold color or pattern to make a statement, or opt for a neutral tone to blend in seamlessly with your existing decor. You can also choose an ottoman with storage space inside, providing a convenient spot to store blankets, pillows, or other items that can clutter up a small space. With so many options available, an ottoman is a must-have for anyone looking to maximize both function and style in their small living space.

Maximizing Storage with an Ottoman in a Tight Area

Small spaces often mean a shortage of storage space. Fortunately, many ottomans come with built-in storage. An ottoman with storage can be a great way to keep your extra blankets, books, and other items organized and out of sight. Furthermore, you can easily use a tray on top to turn it into an instant coffee table when needed.

When choosing an ottoman for a small space, consider the size and shape carefully. A round ottoman can be a great choice for a tight area, as it takes up less floor space than a square or rectangular one. Additionally, look for an ottoman with a lid that opens easily, so you can access your stored items without having to move the entire piece of furniture. With the right ottoman, you can maximize your storage space and add a functional and stylish piece to your small living area.

Decorating Tips for Styling an Ottoman in a Narrow Space

When it comes to decorating your ottoman, the possibilities are endless. However, it’s important to keep in mind that since you’re in a small space, you don’t want your ottoman to look cluttered or crowded. Keep it simple by adding a few accent pieces, such as a vase of flowers or a decorative tray.

Another great way to style your ottoman in a narrow space is to use it as a functional piece of furniture. Consider adding a storage ottoman to your space, which can double as a place to store blankets, pillows, or other items that may clutter your small space. You can also use your ottoman as a coffee table by adding a tray on top, which can be easily removed when you need to use the ottoman for additional seating.

DIY Ottoman Hacks for a Small Apartment or Room

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry! There are several DIY ottoman hacks that you can try to make your own piece. You can use an old coffee table or even make one from scratch out of pallets. Add some foam padding, fabric, and a few hooks, and you have an ottoman that’s not only functional but stylish, too!

Expert Advice on Making the Most of Your Limited Space with an Ottoman

Still unsure about how to arrange an ottoman in a narrow space? Turn to the experts. Professional interior designers can provide you with tips and tricks to make the most of your limited space. Whether it’s choosing the right color scheme or finding the perfect furniture pieces, their advice will give you the inspiration you need to make your living space feel both cozy and functional.

Ultimately, arranging an ottoman in a narrow space is all about maximizing every inch of space you have. With the right measurements, style, and functionality, your ottoman can become a saving grace, making your small space feel both stylish and cozy.

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