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Finding the Best Armchair for Your Coastal Bedroom

A cozy armchair in a coastal bedroom setting
Discover the perfect armchair for your coastal bedroom with our expert tips and recommendations.

If you’re looking to add some charm to your coastal bedroom, an armchair can be an excellent addition to the decor. Not only does it provide a comfortable spot to relax, but it can also add an element of style to the room. But finding the right armchair can be a challenging task, given the number of choices available in the market. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an armchair for your coastal bedroom.

Elements of Coastal Style to Consider for Your Armchair

The first thing to consider when looking for an armchair is the coastal style you want to incorporate in your bedroom. Coastal decor often features muted colors, natural fibers, and a mix of textures. Think about the colors and textures that create the feeling of being at the beach. You may want to look for furniture with lighter wood tones, wicker or rattan materials. Make sure the armchair you choose fits in with your existing furniture and decor.

In addition to the materials and colors, consider the shape and design of the armchair. Coastal style often features furniture with a relaxed and casual feel. Look for armchairs with curved lines and soft edges, rather than sharp angles. You may also want to consider adding coastal-inspired accents, such as seashell or coral prints, to further enhance the beachy vibe in your bedroom. Remember, the key to achieving a cohesive coastal look is to incorporate elements that complement each other and create a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Matching Armchair Fabrics with Coastal Decor

To create a cohesive look in your coastal bedroom, you’ll want to ensure the fabric of the armchair matches your existing bedding and drapes. If you already have a lot of patterns in your decor, you may want to choose a solid color fabric for the armchair. Alternatively, if your bedding and drapes are solid color, you can use the armchair to add some pattern to the room. Stripes and geometric shapes can add a fun and visually interesting element to the space.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an armchair fabric for your coastal decor is the texture. Fabrics with a nubby or woven texture can add a tactile element to the room, while smooth fabrics like velvet or silk can create a more luxurious feel. Additionally, consider the durability of the fabric, especially if the armchair will be used frequently. Outdoor fabrics or performance fabrics can be a great option for a coastal bedroom, as they are often resistant to stains and fading from sunlight.

Choosing the Right Size Armchair for Your Coastal Bedroom

It’s important to make sure the size of your armchair is appropriate for your bedroom. A large chair can dwarf a small room, while a small chair may feel out of place in a larger space. Consider the size of the other furniture in the room, and ensure the armchair is proportional to the rest of your furniture.

Best Armchairs for Small Coastal Bedrooms

If you have a small bedroom, you’ll want to look for an armchair that doesn’t take up too much space. Look for armchairs with a narrower frame and slimmer profile to fit in the space. Folding chairs, butterfly chairs, and hanging chairs are all great options for small bedrooms, as they can be tucked away when not in use.

Best Armchairs for Large Coastal Bedrooms

If you have a large bedroom, you can opt for a statement armchair that will stand out in the space. Look for armchairs with a wider frame and lots of padding for maximum comfort. A chair with a matching ottoman can be a great addition to a large bedroom, as it can be used as a spot for reading, watching TV, or just relaxing.

The Importance of Comfort in a Coastal Armchair

When choosing an armchair, comfort should be a top priority. Look for chairs that provide adequate back support, have a firm cushion, and are high enough for your feet to rest comfortably on the ground. You may also want to consider the shape of the seat and backrest – chairs with a curved backrest can be very comfortable for extended periods. Test out different chairs in the store before making your final decision.

How to Incorporate Color into Your Coastal Armchair Choice

While coastal decor is often associated with a neutral color palette, you can still incorporate color into your armchair choice. Look for chairs in shades of blue, green, or coral to bring a pop of color to the space. Alternatively, you can choose a neutral-colored chair with brightly colored accent pillows to add color to your bedroom without overwhelming the space.

Adding Texture with Woven or Rattan Armchairs in a Coastal Bedroom

If you’re looking to add some texture to your coastal bedroom, consider a woven or rattan armchair. These materials add a natural element to the space and can complement other natural elements like seagrass rugs or bamboo window shades. A cushion or throw pillow in a complementary color can add an extra layer of comfort.

Best Materials for Armchairs in a Humid Coastal Environment

If you live in a humid coastal environment, you’ll want to choose an armchair made of materials that won’t easily warp or mildew. Look for chairs made of teak, aluminum, or synthetic wicker, which are all weather-resistant and easy to care for. Sunbrella fabric is an excellent choice for cushions as it dries quickly and resists fading from direct sunlight.

Finding the Right Placement for Your Coastal Armchair in the Bedroom

The placement of your armchair can have a significant impact on the flow of your room. Consider where you’d like to spend time while sitting in the chair. Would you like it near a window to enjoy the view, or would you rather have it facing the TV? Make sure there’s enough space around the chair for easy access and movement, and avoid placing it in a high-traffic area.

Accenting Your Coastal Bedroom with Complementary Accessories

An armchair can be the perfect opportunity to add some complementary accessories to your coastal bedroom. Consider adding a side table to hold your books and a reading lamp to create a cozy reading nook. You can also add some patterned throw pillows or a soft throw blanket to make the chair even more inviting.

Coordinating Your Bedding and Drapes with Your New Coastal Armchair

The key to a cohesive coastal bedroom is coordinating your furniture and decor. Make sure the fabric of the armchair complements your bedding and drapes, and use throw pillows or blankets to tie everything together. A well-coordinated room will feel calming and cohesive.

DIY: Refurbishing an Old Chair to Fit into Your Coastal Decor

If you have an old chair that doesn’t match your coastal decor but is still comfortable, you don’t have to toss it out. With a little DIY effort, you can give the chair a coastal update. Sand down the wood or repaint it in a light color, and reupholster the cushions in a beachy fabric like seersucker or linen.

Styling Tips for Your New Coastal Armchair in the Bedroom

Once you’ve chosen your new armchair, you’ll want to style it in the room to create a cohesive look. Consider adding a contrasting throw pillow or blanket to the chair to add some visual interest and texture. A small side table next to the chair can also provide a spot for your morning coffee or evening reading materials. Don’t forget to add some artwork or decorative objects to the walls to complete the coastal look.

Choosing the right armchair for your coastal bedroom can be a fun and exciting project. By considering the elements of coastal style, choosing the right size and material, and coordinating with your existing decor, you can find the perfect armchair that will elevate your bedroom to the next level of comfort and style.

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